Universal Profits 宇盈


Business Consulting

Universal Profits Business Consulting is the strategic business unit that assists clients globally to enter, evolve and expand in emerging and developed markets through fact-based market analysis.

Our Business Consulting has assisted clients via 2,500+ engagements since 1994 across areas of market opportunity assessment, competitive analysis, new product development, distribution channel and value chain analysis, market entry strategy and partner diligence.

Market analysis includes market profiling, sizing, share and segmentation analysis as well as distribution/ value chain analysis and forecasting/ scenario planning. Competitive strategy includes coprorate benchmarking, key account maximization, pricing analysis, business war gaming. Growth strategy includes market entry, partner evaluation, B2B branding, feasibility and value proposition development.

We believe each of our client need is unique and different time call for different approach. And therefore our solution is entirely tailor-made to meet our client diverse need at different stages of their business cycle.

We pride ourselves to provide the best service available in the market.